2008 Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday bi-metallic 5 Rand Coin: Questions & Answers

2008 Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday bi-metallic 5 Rand Coin

Is it legal to sell this coin?

There has been much debate around the legality of the trading of the 2008 Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday bi-metallic 5 Rand Coin. To clarify, there is no law that exists in South Africa that permits citizens to sell coins or currency for more than their face value.

Where some sellers have encountered problems is that they have used images of Nelson Mandela to market the coin. The unauthorised use of images to market the coin can be interpreted as an endorsement – and this is where the problem lies – not in the sale of the coin. The Nelson Mandela Foundation has made it clear that they do not condone the unauthorised use of Nelson Mandela image.

If the coin is not made of gold or silver, why is it worth so much?

Many people have questioned the logic of paying up to R7000 ($697) for a coin with a mere face value of R5 ($0.50).

An obvious factor is that the market is dominated by supply and demand. The coin was only supplied in limited amount to local banks in South Africa. The SA Mint did not include the coin in any coin set.

If five million coins were minted – surely an individual coin should be worth less?

Technically, this does seem logical. A coins value is based on it’s condition – but due to the actual minting process – not all the coins minted are created equal.
By examining a selection of the 2008 Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday bi-metallic 5 Rand coins, these errors are quite obvious.
These errors include weak strike, cracked and misaligned dies as well as common errors associated with the manufacture of bi-mettallic coins – such as planchet and kernel faults.

Therefore, the inconsistent minting coupled with the fact that the coin is a circulation coin, results in a lower percentage of coins that are able to achieve a higher grade and therefore a higher price. The minting inconsistencies are revealed when you examine the amounts of coins that have been submitted for grading.

Why was the coin not marketed by the SA Mint?

When you take into consideration the popularity of circulation coins featuring Mandela, it does pose the question of why the SA Mint did not adopt any marketing strategy.

At the launch of the coin in July, the Reserve Bank Governor, Tito Mboweni, was quoted as saying, “Do use it to buy goods and services”.
Surely, it was very naïve for the South African Reserve Bank and the SA Mint to think that everyone would sit back and gleefully spend this coin in everyday transactions.

It could of course be part of Tito Mboweni’s economic policy to decrease inflation as mass hoarding of currency could technically cause deflation.

As the SA Mint receives direct instruction from the Reserve Bank to mint coins, another (more plausible) reason for the lack of marketing could be simply that the SA Mint did not receive much advance warning from the Reserve Bank.

How much is my Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday bi-metallic 5 Rand coin worth?

This depends entirely on the condition/grade of the coin. An uncirculated coin direct from a bank could probably be worth anything from R5 to R90. ($0.50 – $9)
A graded coin can be worth anything from R80 – R7000 ($7.69 – $697.12)

NGC Graded Coin in Edgeview Holder

An example of a coin that has been graded and encapsulated by NGC

What is a graded coin? Why do they sell for more?

When assessing the condition of a coin, the seller could exaggerate. One way to overcome this impartiality is to have the coin graded by a coin grading company, such as NGC, PCGS and ANACS. These companies are considered to be consistent, trustworthy and safe.

A grading company will asses the coin’s condition and assign a grade to it. The coin will then be encapsulated in a tamper proof plastic slab to protect its condition – provided that it is stored properly – e.g. away from heat and moisture.

Graded versions of the coin can achieve much higher prices – as a NGC, PCGS or ANACS grade is considered to be a guarantee of the coins’ condition. With most coins, higher grades are considered to be more rare that those with lower grades. It is also possible to view the amount of coins that have been submitted for grading.

Based on a survey of NGC graded coins that have been sold on bidorbuy, as well as the current NGC coin population, the following values can be used as guideline amounts for graded 90th Birthday 5 Rand coins:

Grade        Price (USD)

MS62        $ 7.69

MS63        $ 18.27

MS64        $ 22.55

MS65        $ 36.22

MS66        $ 68.93

MS67        $ 282.85

MS68        $ 697.12

Note: Out of 8000+ coins that have been submitted for grading at NGC, only 2 have achieved a MS68 grade. This can be contributed to the fact that the coin was only issued as a circulation coin and not as part of any official set and as such a large percentage of the coins are therefore damaged from being processed.

Where can I “cash in” my Mandela coins?

You can’t “cash in” a Mandela coin… as it’s a circulation coin, so it’s technically worth it’s face value – 5 Rand.

As previously discussed in the sections above, the value of the coin is determined by its scarcity. Since a large percentage of these coins are bought and sold by collectors, the price is also determined by how much these collectors are prepared to pay.

Where can I sell or buy coins?

There is a thriving market in South Africa as well as internationally. A large amount of Mandela coins are bought and sold by collectors on bidorbuy, a South African auction site.


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  2. I have 2 90th birthday bi-metalic R5 nelson manfla coin how much can i get

    • Are the coins graded?

      come have a look at what we can do with ur money

      • I have 4 mandela 90th birthday coins how much can I get

      • Hi i have five mantela 90 birthday coins hw much can i get fr it

      • Hi, i have mandela 90 birthday 5 rand coin, i need to know how can i cash it.1921 to 2011.

      • mmone solomon Mothebe

        I will b Very happy 2 buy My 5Rand coins

      • How much does it cost to grade unc.mandela R5 b day coins I have60

      • Hi, I have 1994 R5 coins when Mandela was inaugurated and his 90th birthday R5 coin. I would like to know how much do they worth.

      • Pontsho Blessing

        Good Day
        My fellow South Africans lend me your ears and please digest this thoroughly. I learned that people out there don’t have what is called patience, you really can’t brew a wine today and drink it tomorrow you will obviously give it time to mature and have the best quality of taste and that will be after 5 years or so. There are people who will discourage you from keeping this coins for some reasons and one of the reasons could be that this coins did not pass their hands because they use paper money and cheques. Please!!! Please!!! keep your coin away for some time and you will not regret your investment. Hold on to your COINS!!!!

      • lesmashaba@yahoo.com

        So Pontsho wat r u suggesting exactly hav u been patient nd wat dd u get tell us more pls
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • Pontsho Blessing

        My advise is that people should keep this coins very safe for at least 5 years, because every on is looking for them now and if you ask around as to how much you can get no one tell exactly much and where are they taking this coins and how much are they exchanging them for. If you take a R5 from your salary now you can’t feel any different. The coin has a potential of been sold with much more than what you can get now. It’s only when they know that they collected enough of this coins then the price will sky rocket. If you can’t do it for your self at least do it for your children, I mean really R5 is not too much. Stop making yourself available for too little and be careful for scams, those who will tell you we can grade your coin and blabla. I have only five coins they are not available for any price now, so what is the rush for? These coins are in the hands of their rightful owners and that is you. There are those that they say they were sold for R250 000 to R1 000 000 so why should people rush to sell their coins for R500? I yourself a favour and keep the coins away and safe, there is a huge demand for this coins out there. AMEN

      • Pontsho Blessing

        People I’ll advise you to google about the prices of these coins and also check http://www.sacoin.co.za, MANDELA R5 SELLS FOR R2.5 MILLION (US $338,753)! – A specimen of the finest known uncirculated Mandela R5 in the grade of MS-69 has just sold for the huge sum of R2.5 million rand. The new record price shatters the previous record price by over 1.5 million rand! This makes the Mandela R5 birthday coins the fastest appreciating rare coins in the history of the world! It has appreciated at the unprecedented rate of 49.9 million percent since its release in 2008 an annual performance of 24.9 million percent!

      • I Have Mandela rare coins

      • Hi ismail If got 5 untouched mdc coins that needs to be grade. where can i get hold of you. my e-mail is willem3steyn@gmail.com

      • I am selling R5 Mandela coins. I have 15 of them. Where can I go?

    • I m selling 5r coins i hv many

    • I have all nelson mandelas coin how mach per one

    • Hi I have a 2008 90th birthday Mandela face coin, how much can I get?

    • The place and address where i can take Mandela’s coins

    • Noluvuyo i have 2 5rand coin where can i sell it?

    • I have 2008 Mandela how much do get when I sell it.

    • Maudhub Kemraz

      Good day,

      I got 6 Gold Coins Of 5Rand Nelson Mandela year 2008 to sell.
      Plse update me.


      • Morning I have Mandela R5 for his birthday 10 of them,if someone know where to sell them contact me on 0824886293

  3. I have old sa coins i would like to have graded but i do not know how or how much it costs please advise

  4. I have recently come across a mandela 90 birthday R5 coin how much can i get for it?

  5. Hey!hey i have 3 mandela 90 5 rands coin,i wud like where can i grade them


    • Hello Judith. Thank you for your comment. You can have your coins graded at NGC or PCGS in the States. I’m too sure what you mean by “Terms and Conditions of the coin”. Care to elaborate?

      • NGC or pcgs , do you think you will ever see coins once you send them there, never, why at the states would grade RSA coins? That’s where the trick starts, why not in Pretoria through the reserve bank or so? The issue of grading is out, testing if it is the real thing I can agree, but not grading, that’s fooling us blacks, we should things based on facts not for whites have made rules.

  7. I’ve got some of the 1994 innaugaration nd the rare 2000 mandelä r5 coins, i’d like to sell what is required frm me to to sell?Sbusiso.

    • Hello Sbusiso. Thanks for your comment. If your coins are in good condition – you could sell them just as they are. If you believe that they are in exceptional condition, I would recommend having them graded by the NGC or PCGS. Grading your coins would ensure that you will achieve the best possible price. Good luck!

  8. I’ve got 7 R5 coins i’m willing to sell can anyone give me a offer??

  9. Nthabiseng Mashiloane

    How do i get my coin graded. I know about NGC or PCGS but what i want to know is if i have to ship the coin to the us and possibly how much it costs.

    • Hello and thanks for your comment. Shipping your coin to the US will not be expensive. Once you have packaged your coin accordingly, take the package to the Post Office and ask them to give you a price for airmail shipping to the US. It’s really that simple! Thanks, Fox

  10. Where can I get my coins graded

  11. I have a 90th Mandela R5 can it be graded, what is the procedure

    • Hey there. Thanks for your question. You need to contact a grading company. NGC or PCGS is a start. Good luck!

  12. lino da silva

    I have 60 mandela 5 rand 90th birthday coin direct from the bank, would any collectors be interested in them.

    • How much do you want for them?

    • Im am collecting them so how much do u sell each coin? Monde from Pretria 072 382 7030…Respond!!

      • Hello Monde. Thank you for your comment.

        I am not selling any coins – but if you would like to purchase coins, I can recommend http://www.bidorbuy.co.za – as the majority of the trading activity concerning Mandela coins in South Africa happens on that website.

        Good luck!

      • hy I was just asking that you collect them even if is not graded I have 3 of them

      • that stuff I have it is this some of R520 I keeped for long time and other one 1994 of mandela so try to understand me

        Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 07:25:57 +0000 To: qoojje@hotmail.com

      • hey all you coin sellers out there, hang on to your coins for now, you will get much more once Mr Mandela pass away(not that we wish him dead)
        To many coins floating about at the moment, so relax and try to get more coins ! you will thank me ! believe me. ernie

  13. Where is this NGC and PCGS base coz i want to grade my 2 5rand Mandela coin, from Secunda

  14. Hie. I have 1 90th birthday mandela which i am selling for R2000. I am situated in Midrand. Anyone who wants it please contact me by email. shepharddube@gmail.com

  15. I have more than 70 1994 innaugaration R5, 9 rare 2000 mandela R5 coins and 65 Mandela 90th bitrhday coins. Some are in very good condition but noe are graded. Any ideas on how to get the best price for them.

    • Hello Coenraad. I think your best option would be to have the coins evaluated by a local coin dealer and possibly getting the coins graded. You would be able to achieve higher prices at auction. Where are you based?

  16. Hi, i have 1 90th birthday 5rand mandela coin,where can i trade it and whats the maximum i get get for it

    • Hello and thanks for your question. The value of your coin would depend on it’s condition. The best option for you would be to have it evaluated by a local coin dealer. Once you have established the condition of the coin, you would be able to offer it to other collectors via an Auction site such as bidorbuy or eBay. Good luck!

  17. I also have the 2008 N.Mandela R5 coin
    am not too sure whre 2 get it evaluated the suggestions above are rather not that precise….anyone assist…

    • Hello… thanks for your comment. The post mentions the 3 largest grading companies in the world: NGC, PCGS and ANACS. What else would you like to know?

      • hi, i hv 15 N. Mandela coins 2008 90th brthday. u name da price, i had them for 5yrs nw. i thnk its tym they went away nw. any gud offer. im in North West

  18. Hi

    What could an estimated price for a 1994 Inauguration R5 coin, graded MS 64, be?

  19. i dont understand if i can the coins or not,if i can then where and how much are they weath.

    • Hello. Can you please re-submit your question, I don’t understand what you are trying to say.
      Thanks, Fox

  20. pls notify me of anyone who would like to buy two bi-metal R5 coins(mandela 90th birthday) for anything over R8000,im situated at soshanguve,pretoria.

  21. I have a 2000 R5 coin with the Black Wildebeest on the reverse and Nelson Mandela on the obverse. Still in the original packaging. How much is this coin worth?

    • Hello Jenni. Thanks for your comment. I’m assuming that you are referring to the SA Mint issue that is encased in a CD jewel case? In that case I would estimate a value between R500-800 – possibly more, but it would be hard to give it a proper value without actually seeing it in person. If you’re confident that the coin is in a very good condition (i.e. No scratches or rim nicks) I would advise in having the coin graded by the NGC or PCGS. Having the coin graded would make it more saleable. Good luck!

      • Another question – once the coin is graded, where can I sell the coin in Vancouver, Canada? Thanks

      • I can’t imagine there is much of a market for this type of coin in Canada. You could try eBay, but I doubt you would realise it’s full value. You can also try bidorbuy.co.za – a South African auction site where most Mandela coin trading takes place.

      • The fees for NGC and PCGS vary: I would suggest further investigation since both organisations require memberships – as well as minimum submission requirements. You could also find a local coin dealer in Vancouver who could possibly submit the coin on your behalf. Check the NGC site for authorised dealers in your area: http://www.ngccoin.com/services/submitting.asp

        Good luck!

      • Hi is true that FNB bank can buy that coins of Mandela

  22. Thank you – how much does it cost to have the coin graded?

  23. Hi I have Mandela 90th birthdays coins, can you give me a contact no- to value my coins- brand new in packet.

  24. i have mandela 90th birthday coin any one who know where i can sell pls notify me on the following email 27721848040@vodamail.co.za

  25. I also got 3 Nelson Mandela’s coins 2 graded
    1.2008 graded
    2.2000 graded
    3. 1994 president inauguration not graded
    Please help me…how to read the info to sell them?

  26. i want to know how much is to grade a mandela coin ,where can i get the local dealer because i live in benoni

  27. i havd 90th r5 coin, any1 who wants it pls cal 0793911806, M BASED IN JHB, OR PLZ EMAIL ME AT telme@vodamail.co.za

  28. i have 16 90th birthday 5Rand coins,ungraded up for grabes, anyone interested contact me using my email address, valspunha@yahoo.com

  29. Iam selling my coin for R100.000,anyone intrested contact me asap on 0732483318

  30. Hey i gt 6 mandela 90th birthday coin nd whtz itz worth any1 wna buy it let me knw plz asap 076 3753 691

  31. hie there,i am selling a a rare Mandela coin and also the 90th birthday coin…whre should i go?

  32. hallo,i have a misaighned mint error 2000 mandela coin,the whole wildebeest immage on the other side is rotated by almost 90 dagrees.can you give me a estimated value on it please? thank you.

    • Hello and thanks for you comment. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a value without actually seeing the coin. Mint errors are rare and I strongly recommend that you should get the coin evaluated by a professional dealer. Goodluck, Fox

  33. hi i have more than ten of mandela’s 90th birthday coins would you please send me trustworthy people or companies that might buy them with at least 1000rands each,i am around mpumalanga.

  34. Hi I have a Two Pounds Elizabeth coin,which iam selling anyone intrested can contact me on 0732483318 or email me at ntsepes@webmal.co.za.

  35. Hi Foxlachs,

    Interesting blog, it’s the first one I’ve come across where someone actually knows the current values of these coins, could you tell me where you get your information from? I can only find the website: SAcoins. There valuations seem extremely high with some coins increasing 0ver 5000% annually. I’m referring to the Mandela coin collection, I currently have:

    1 x 1994 presidential inauguration coin PF69 Ultra cameo NGC
    1 x 2008 R5 MANDELA 90th BIRTHDAY MS 67 NGC

    Is it worth hanging on to them, can they really keep increasing so much in value every year.

    Any extra info would be much appreciated,

    Kind Regards


    • Hello Matthew

      Thank you for your interest.

      When I authored this post in 2008, the values presented were based on a the NGC coin populations, PCGS coin populations as well as closed sales on bidorbuy.co.za

      The Mandela coin market in South Africa is a very speculative one and the market has changed quite a bit since then – as is the case with most investments.

      Mandela coins will always be a good investment – but the coins will only be worth what someone is prepared to pay for them! I would hazard a guess and say that South African collectors are quite speculative in this regard.

      As to putting a value on your coins: I would recommend having a look on bidorbuy to see what values other collectors are getting for their coins. There are quite a few South African Coin dealers who would also be able to assist you in getting a realistic valuation. You can find their contact details from the bidorbuy website or from the NGC or PCGS dealers pages.

      Kind regards

  36. Hi Everybody

    I have the R5 Mandela 90th birthday coins in the original bag from SARB, 400coins per bag. Uncirculated and selling it. Make me offers.

    You could grade them and it could be worth millions!!

    • Hello
      Thanks for your comment. Where are you based?

    • 400 coins per bag. They are seen as almost uncirculated coins, as they have been handled by atleast 5 different people before getting to SARB. Being bagged together, they would have picked up bagmarks , minor dents & hairline scratches, therefor the averag coin would get a sheldon grade of between EF40 – AU58. Giving it a value of $7 – $13 U.S. Take into account that the grading costs $16.50. So as ungraded coins their value is really only their face value of R5. Unless it’s an exceptional coin graded on MS68 – MS 69 it’s value remains low. Over 50 000 of these coins have been graded and only 3 has been graded MS69 & 13 MS68. These are are circulation coins so, they were produced as such with very little care taked to prevent damage. That is why multiple people are selling bags of 400 they got for R2500 and under. Less than a half percent of people holding onto these coins will ever sell it for a huge amount. These companies claiming that the coins are worth 1000’s are all being blacklisted by the SAcoin grading association for false claims. What were you expecting your 400 coins to go for?

      • Claiming that these coins are worth thousands is all very well, but remember – a coin is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. Blacklisting a company for making a speculative claim about the value of a coin? Seems a bit harsh!

      • Dear Collector,

        You clearly are not in the field of trading these coins because in fact, my brown barcoded bags have sold for R16 000 and i am selling my White barcoded ones for R11 000.

      • Hi Collector, I have a few mandela and other gold coins and sets could I ask you for advice or possible interest please. Sean

    • Hi Beulah,
      Im interested in buying some of your R5 Mandela 90th birthday coins…i will precisely need 2bags …thanks,any discount pls. jadediamond62@yahoo.com

    • Hi beulah what is you lowest prise on a bag

    • Hi beulah what your lowest prise on the bag

    • Hie Beulah do you still have the coins and are they by an chance from 2001-2007…

  37. Foxlachs, it is true what you are saying here; Anything in life is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it & if a company publishes speculative values to these coins it is one thing, however when they publish non-existent sales figure that was sucked out of their thumbs then it is a horse of a different color & they should be blacklisted. Unfortunately the greed of a few will ultimately create unrealistic dreams and expectations in the long run. There is no doubt that these coins will be worth something in a couple of years, but anyone who is lucky enough to be in posession of one or more of these coins should be realistic. Don’t take what you see on bid or buy / e-bay as real values, as people who sell on these sites are looking to make a quick buck & some people will overpay because they want to believe that the item is worth what it’s been offered for. Here are figures from this article:
    Grade Price (USD)
    MS62 $ 7.69
    MS63 $ 18.27
    MS64 $ 22.55
    MS65 $ 36.22
    MS66 $ 68.93
    MS67 $ 282.85
    MS68 $ 697.12
    If NGC gives the graded coins these values, doesn’t it tell you something? Certain companies are offering a graded MS67 coin @ R100 000 & some have even sold it for R550 000… ??? A long way from @282.85… If someone is willing to pay that once, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen again in the near future, yet this makes people think they will easily get a R100 000 per coin as in the case of Ntsepe who posted above. When graded and depending on the grade look at the figures above and that will give you an idea of what you could realistically expect to get for a coin, and that will again change depending whether you are selling to a dealer or collector, as dealers will want to pay less so that they in turn could also profit from the sale. Either way, i hope like many others that over time the value of these coins will increase substancially. Just keep realistic expectations, in order not to be dissapointed in the future. Happy collecting to all.

  38. I have 1 Mandela 90th Birthday R5. I’m selling it for 13 Million Rand. Any1 interested? 😛

  39. I have 2008 R5 coin ungraded.i am selling it for 50 000 rands. negotiated.anyone interestee email me on lettatlhwaele@yahoo.com

  40. Hi everyone i have 2 Mandela 90th Birthday shining coins , is there anyone that would like to buy them. if YES please email me on zelda.harwood@gmail.com and let me know what you are willing to pay for them.

  41. I have two 2008 Mandela 90th Birthday coins. If you would like to buy them contact me on my email lawrence.edwards28@yahoo.com

  42. Hi, I have one 1994 presidential Inaugiration R5 coin in very good condition.
    If you want to buy it, e-mail me on martin.ikwezi@gmail.com

  43. how do you know that the mandela coin with 90 birthday you have is bi-metallic and how do you have graded so that it can be valued as its graded part.

  44. i have 4 2008 mandela coins how much can i trade them and where.my email add lungishabalala@yahoo.com

  45. To whom it may concern hi there i have a 2008 90th Mandela birthday coin and is still in very good condition If you arew interested and would like to buy it from me please feel free to contact me via email. thanks Nabeel Rojan.

  46. i want to sell my nelson madela coins

  47. i want to sell my nelson madela and presidential 5rand coins.

    • I have brand new R5 Mandela 90th Birthday coins for sale. Anyone interested please email me with your offer.

      • Collin Maistry


        I have the following coins

        16 X 90th Birthday 2008 Mandela Coin
        5 X 1994 Presidential Inauguration
        1 X 2000 Mandela Head ( Iningizimu Africa)
        6 X 90th Birthday 2011 Mandela Coin

        How Much Can I Get?????

  48. hi iv got 7 90th birthday coin anyone interested please mail me and we can negotiate thanks

  49. I have got over 30 90th birthday coin and any1 intersted let me know

  50. i have 80 mandela 90th bday 5rand coins all in verygood condition and would like to know how much it will cost to grade them (jptiran@gmail.com)

  51. i have 12 5 rand mandela coins, anyone interested can make me a offer @ skhumbuso@yahoo.com

  52. they are in perfect condition i just got them from the bank

  53. my email address is bnaidoo21@gmail.com if anyone is interested in buying the coin in original bags of 400coin. Barcoded by SA Mint, uncirculated and could be worth hundreds of thousands if they are individually graded.

  54. hi; i have more then 110 2008 mandela birth day r5 coins please tell me were i can grade it and to whome i must sell it if any 1 is intrested to buy please e-mail me and give me his or her offer. yaseenshaik2webmail.co.za

  55. hi i have 5 r5 mandela coins, 4 in. r5 coins 1994, all are ungraded would anyone like to buy them.email me at yasmin0993@hotmail.com.thanks

  56. I am a collector of Mandela coins in South Africa I have a collection of birthday coins XF45 AU50 AU53 AU55 AU58 MS61 MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65 MS66 MS67 MS68 only missing MS60 no grading yet and MS69 ALSO INAUGURATION AU55 AU58 MS61 MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65 MANDELA2000 AU50 AU53 AU55 AU58 MS61 MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65 if interested i am selling it for 200 000 us dollers or R1 600 000

  57. I have 10x 2008 graded mandela bday coins all graded by ncg grade is ms66 if anyone wantz 2 buy contact me

  58. Hi I have a Mandela 2008 R5 coin if anyone is interested it is in an excellent condition contact me on 079 079 4578 make an offer that I cant refuse I have unfortunately not graded the coin

  59. I’ve got 7 R5 coins i’m willing to sell can anyone give me a offer??
    E-mail me at tracyleej@stbb.co.za

  60. lindsay chademunhu

    l have 6 mandela birthday coins email me price

  61. I have 33 [90th] birthday mandela coins in excellent condition. I have unfortunately not graded the coins yet. It was still in a sealed bank bag.
    Make me a price. Herman 072 475 5349 (Welkom, Freestate)

  62. Carron Mbedzi

    i have 6 2008 mandela birthday coins , email me price

  63. Moses Mbongisen Ndebele

    I`ve got 49 R5.00 coins and willing to sell anyone who can come up with a better offer.

  64. hi,i hav 90th birthday N.Mandela 5 rand coin in good condition.no scratches etc…if anyone interestd wit better offer contact 0737232347 or email phomolo@mtnloaded.co.za
    durban.4001tches etc…if anyone interestd wit better offer contact 0737232347 or email phomolo@mtnloaded.co.za

  65. i hav 1 90th birthday N.Mandela coin in good condition,no scratches etc..if any1 interestd wit best offer contact 0737232347 or phomolo@mtnloaded.co.za

  66. Hi I have x50 Mandela coins email me they are in gr8t condition.

  67. Hi I have x50 Mandela coins email me they are in gr8t condition.


  68. Hey i also have two 90th birthday coins and would like to know where can i sell them and if they are really worth R100 000 KELLY

    I really need to know please Kelly

    • Thanks for your comment. The first step to assessing your coins would be to have them graded. You would then be able to ascertain a value in relation to the grade as I have described in the post.
      Thanks, Fox

  69. Hi,
    I have a graded, MS62 – 2008 Mandela 90th Birthday R5 coin, how much could I sell it for and where would be the best place to do so?
    Thanks in advance.

  70. My NAme is thami and i have a 2008 mandela coin so when can i sell it because is 1 coin ?

  71. 1 coin that has circulated has no value at all

  72. hi i have 5 bi metallic mandela 5 rands that are ungraded if you would like to buy it please contact me on 0842442147

  73. p.s i am selling not buying

  74. the sooner i sell them the better look i really need the money a.s.a.p


  76. l have mand 2008 five rand 90th binthay coins for sale price neg about 400 off. Not yet graded.

  77. hi fox do u have a buyer for a year 2000 mandela R5 coin grade pf63 ngc grade

  78. hi fox i want to sell a 1930 and 1932 3 pence u know who i can sell them to

  79. I have 10 Nelson Mandela 2008 Five Rand Commemoration Coins for sale.
    Please Contact Waseem Jooma 0n : 084 066 5562 (Mobile).
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  82. mandela is the ebst investment today!!!

  83. whr can i cash 90th birthday mandela fiverand coin?

    • Hello Thabo. Thanks for your comment. You can’t “cash” a Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday coin – as its just like any other South African coin that you will find in circulation. You can however “sell” your coin for more than 5 Rand to a coin collector or dealer. The best place to find coin dealers as well as other buyers and sellers in South Africa is http://www.bidorbuy.co.za – as the majority of the trading activity concerning Mandela coins in South Africa happens on that website.

      Good luck!

  84. mellisia van zyl

    Hi I have 32 of the mandela R5 coins dated 2008 and 2 of the silver mandela coins dated 2000 I’m from east london sa where can I go to sell them they are circulated or are they just worth R5

    • Hey there… thanks for your comment.

      The value of your coins depends on their condition. As all coins can vary in condition, its best to have your coins graded (or certified by an expert) – especially if you feel that their condition is exceptional. If you want to have your coins graded, you should approach your local coin dealer who would be able to assist you in carrying out a basic assessment of your coins. This assessment will allow you to establish wether or not your coins are indeed worth being graded by an expert company – such as the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC).

      If you don’t want to go to the trouble of consulting an expert, you can simply sell your coins on the local market. You can do this on http://www.bidorbuy.co.za or any other local online trading platform. You could even place an advert in your local paper – but I can recommend bidorbuy – as the majority of the trading activity concerning Mandela coins in South Africa happens on that website.

      Good luck!

  85. I have a 2008 90th coin of Mandela and I would like to grade it help me plz

  86. Hi! I have 3 Mandela 90th bithday 5rand coins for sale! In Ellisras limpopo 0765677358

  87. Hi
    Where do I grade the coin and what is the cost for grading? I only have one 2008 90th birthday coin and I’m based in Mpumalanga Witbank. Also need information on where to trade the coin after grading?

  88. Hi, Riaan here, i have 2 90th Bday Mandela coins – not graded, sorry – if anyone can make me an offer – contact me. I am in Gauteng: 073 016 4128.

  89. I have 3 2008 Mandela coin and i want to exchage them for cash so how and where to exchange

  90. Hi i have Mandela R5 COIN 90TH 2008 birthday . homuch can i sel

    • Hello Khumbulani. Thank you for your comment.

      If you would like to purchase or sell coins, I can recommend http://www.bidorbuy.co.za – as the majority of the trading activity concerning Mandela coins in South Africa happens on that website.

      Good luck!

  91. I have 10 mandela 2008
    5 rand coins. How much are they worth and where can I take them?

    • Hello Boipelo. Thank you for your comment.

      If you would like to purchase or sell coins, I can recommend http://www.bidorbuy.co.za – as the majority of the trading activity concerning Mandela coins in South Africa happens on that website.

      Good luck!

    • if they have been circulated, and have visible scratch marks etc, its not worth much, maybe no more than R10. Only coins that are still sealed in original SARB bags, “uncirculated” are worth alot

      Just my 2cents 🙂

  92. hi there.if got a 2008 5 rand mandela circulated coin.its in a fair condition,and stored in a dry place.if anyone are intrested in bying it from me,make me a price.thank you

  93. what is the number 4 da grading company

  94. Where in Cape Town can i have my coins graded – i have a couple that came in the little sealed plastic bag straight from the reserve bank, and would really like to preserve the quality.

    • The reserve bank does not issue these coins in “little sealed plastic bags”. they issue them in full bag of 400coin, and each bag is uniquely barcoded. if it is sold to you in small bags, than the original bag was opened to create these bags. The banks do this, not the reserve bank

  95. i have 4 2011 sarb 90th anniversay R5 coins – 2 are in capsules , 2 are circulation coinds, i have 1 2008 mandela 90th birthday R5 circulated , 2 10 years to democracy R2 coins circulated .Non are graded .any offers please email me at

  96. Where do we get these coins graded and certified

  97. Im also in possession of mandela R5 coin year 2000 silver one contact me on 0780813291

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  99. I have 90th mandela coins and 1994 5rand presidential inauguration coins for sale! Not less than R1000


    • Depends on whether you want to sell circulated or uncirculated coins. If they circulated (coins that have been passed out/around already) you will not get much for it, depending on the quality

  101. What do they look at when they grade a coin

  102. Plz inform me about the 2008 mandela coins and their worth

  103. Hi all,

    I have an uncirculated bag of 400coins for sale. still sealed in original bag,barcoded by SA Mint. I am wanting +-R15000 for the bag, contact me and price is negotiable. I actually had the pleasure of grading a bag that I had opened and they grade extremely well, I have managed to sell most of the graded coins on Bid or buy and ebay. you can contact me on coincollectorsa@gmail.com

  104. Hi all, we at sacoin@sacoin.net have been stock piling the Mandela 90th birthday R5 coin 2008 for 3 years now. The main reason being that Mr Mandela is the most famous man on planet earth. At his death these coins will 100fold in price overnight !

    Human beings unlike animals add sentiment to certain things, and Mandela is definitely one of them
    As long as the “Mandela-fund”, and the “world media”, promotes Mr Mandela world wide everyday, you cant go wrong
    Keep in mind they make billions of $$$ ever year with His name and image !

    No price can be added to sentiment, and I advise you to hold on to the coins you have of Mandela, and try to get more of them while you can !

    Millions have been spent on buying and selling these coins since 18 July 2008, to late to make them out to be only R5, sorry for the gainsayers – too late !

    An estimate 50 million people worldwide are actively collectors of coins and stamps !
    No collection is complete without a coin of Mandela (most famous man alive)

    Why else would people pay more for R5 Mandela coins than for gold coins ? They that say otherwise have obviously managed to get people to add sentiment to gold !!!

    5 000 000 Mandela 90th birthday coins minted
    49 000 000 people in South Africa
    7 000 000 000 ( billion) people on earth
    50 000 000 collectors worldwide

    see 2minute youtube clip about these coins !

    Surly you can see where it is going !!!!


  105. I have a few 2008 90th birthday coins how much can I get for each one they say the value is R100 000

  106. I have a few 2008. 90th R5 coins what is it worth can I sell them

  107. I have two 2008, 90th birthday R5 coin and one 1994 presidential inaguration R5 coin and i am selling it .if u are interested email me at khakhumashudu@yahoo.com

  108. I am selling my 2008 90 years old Nelson Mandela coin!!

  109. I’ve got the 1994 presidential inauguration R5 coin,hw do I sell it?

  110. hey all you coin sellers out there, hang on to your coins for now, you will get much more once Mr Mandela pass away(not that we wish him dead)
    To many coins floating about at the moment, so relax and try to get more coins ! you will thank me ! believe me. ernie

  111. i have a 5 oz medallion 100 mint worldwide wht offers can i get mr fox

  112. I have 2008 90th birthday r5 mandela coin I want to grade and sell the coin I’m in free state.

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  116. Thanx for a good leason#

  117. I’ have got mandela coin how wil cost to sell. is circulation coin.

  118. Where do I see or how do I know what the coin value is

  119. i have 4x 2008 mandella R5 coins for sale give a price.clint.t.langford1@gmail.com

  120. So we can’t cash in our R5 mandela coins, how can we invest them?

  121. Hey ppl I hav N.Mandela 2008 5rand whr can I sell this 5rand plz if u kne whr can I sell this notifyme plz thusosesami@gmail.com or 0794812792

  122. Sell my coin

  123. 90th birthday 5rand coin nelson mandela 2008 value i want 2 sell it

  124. I have 1 mr nelson mandela coin how much can I get in exchange?

  125. Iv got R5 90th birthday Mandela coin.I want to sell it,how much do u think it worth?

  126. hi i have a 2008 mandela R5 coin and looks perfect as i already have it for 3 years is it worth something please contact me on 0726359809 thank you

  127. Hi i hav 12 nelson mandelas R5 where can i sell it? Nd 4 how much?

  128. Why are they saying its R100 000 if later they say its worth its value-R5

    • who are they ? oooh the people that dont have any ! they are too late to say anything, for four years now these coins are selling for more than GOLD ! and the reason be that Mandela causes these coins to have sentimental value, (7 billion people think so anyway) so who are they anyway ? E

  129. I have a mandela R5 but not graded it is stil in good condition like its still looks new so how much does it worth

  130. I have 4 x R 5 2008 90th Birthday Mandela Coins. They have all been graded by the NGC. If anyone is interested, please make me an offer?

  131. i have got 300pcs of 90th birthday od nelson mandela .
    i have got no idea about where to take it or to upgrade can plz have any brokers or buyers who can over me good price so that i can sell it to?

  132. i have a R5 Mandela’s 90th birthday..and i want to grade it but i don’t know where am i suppose to grade it around pretoria..anyone with info please email me at ngovenipalesa@yahoo.com….or if you want to buy,nothing less than 2000 please

  133. I have more 1994 5rand coins.presidential inaugurations. How do I sell them?

  134. Hi….I have 5 R5.00 of mandela’s 90th birthday is there any where in South Africa where I can get the graded??

  135. I want to buy both 2008 5R of mandela’s 90th birthday and 1994 5 rand.presidential inaugurations.coins..any available seller? 0733547526 smallpay1@yahoo.com

  136. I want to buy both 2008 5R of mandela’s 90th birthday and 1994 5 rand.presidential inaugurations.coins..any available seller? 0733547526 smallpay1@yahoo.com

  137. hello fox
    I’M frind of this web i looked long time for questions so Iwant to anwser for result to i do about the true devalopmant not only question .
    if buy grade for any one after that I but the coin are the buying the companies who selling coins ?
    ngc grade and bucksngems grade’s those companies Ican given back to sell my again order?

  138. Hi I have 5 R5 mandela 90th birthday coins I just want to know about the value of it and were can I sell it?

  139. I am selling mandela 2008 r5 coin only two left. And i also have r5 year 2000 mandela in the back of a coin(0789497714)

  140. Thank you for this most invaluable best defined explanation thus far after surfing the web.

  141. I have 2 2008 R5 mandela coins and I would like to know where I can sell them in South Africa.

  142. good day
    after that I have load of mandela different model have R500 mixed so I was graded two of then for ms66 and ms65 now I want to sell this order and all of them please who I can contact to him and where I go? send @ me info and with expaline msg

  143. Hey I have a few mandela 5r where can I sell it.I’m in George?

  144. i have all the Mandela coins, 1994, 2000, 2008, 2011 but they are circulated, is it possible to grade them. If yes where and how much will it cost?

  145. Why are the 2008 circulated coins still been sold

  146. Sanele.M.Masikane

    I hve a 2008 mandela coin n I relly dnt knw hw much 2 sell it.cn anyone plz give me a prise or were to sell the coins.if u can plz contact me on dic numb 0748653157

  147. Hi I got 33. 2008 mandela coins what must I do

  148. Hi I have a 5 rand coin of year 2000 with a mandela face how much do think it can be worth and if interested in buying the coin make an offer and contact me on +263778688827

  149. I’d like to sell my 90th birth day coin of mandela

  150. I have a Mandela 90th birthday 5rand of the year 2008 how can i know that it’s graded and that it’s got value to the coin collectors?

  151. I have 2 90th birthday nelson mandela coins, willing & serious buyers contact me

  152. Hi i hv 1 5 of mandela year of 2000 hw much cn i get

  153. Hello hw much can I get for mandela birthdae coin?

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  155. I wanted to grade mr mandela coins about 16 of them I have right now, I don’t know who should I contact or talk to , can anyone help?

  156. I have a mandela R5 but not graded it is stil in good condition like its still looks new so how much does it worth

  157. Lesego Mashaba

    Hy i hav 5 rand of Nelson Mandela face and 3 5rand dat makes 90years want to sell advice please

  158. I have many mandela coins and I’m looking for a buyer

  159. Hi to anyone who can help

    i use to hide my R5 90s birthday Mandela coins underneath my bad they were aproximatly 9 of them unfortunatle my sister took dem while cleaning in my room and use them for a cheap things, now i have only one R5 90s birthday Mandela coin dat i am selling it for R5000 my last price is R3000 at anytime from now i am desparate for this price of money i need to pay my school fees i want to finish my cours bt this coin dat i have i dont tink s graded cos i naver follow dat process. I am situated in Polokwane Limpopo my email s nemac.tp@ovi.com

  160. Im sorry not 90s bt 90th birtday
    Please help this urgent to me.

  161. Im sorry not 90s bt 90th birthday
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  163. Hi i have a number of ANAC graded coins and their description on the encaptulation is as follows: 2008 5R PR70 DCAM S. AFRICA PROOF NELSON MANDELA 90TH BIRTHDAY so i would like to know what the current value is.

  164. Hi, i’ve got 2 X R5 coins as follows 1 X Bicolour Gold immaculant condition barely been used shiny and sparkly condition..
    1 X 2008 90year birthday also Bicolour and condition is practically new and not touched
    I need to have them Graded urgently and this being my only Inheritance, I am afraid of rumours been around about grading diamods and coins and cold where once the store personale go to the back to test the item, they can easily change it and do people in.. So is there a place secure and safe and what would grading charges be?
    I’ve also got bank notes in mint condition never touched preserved collectors notes in R1,R2,R5,R10,pounds, shillings, foreign..
    Please send me all details possible for both queries..
    Zubair F
    email Funkyfazaad@gmail.com

  165. Hi everyone

    I have 1x R2 South African note money, anyone who want it can contact me at my email nemac.tp@ovi.com

    I tink this one is good for the museum.

  166. How much can i get with R5 mandela?

  167. I sithole dv have the 5 rands and I need a place where by I can change them so I don’t know the real place where I can go to so call me if uyou get this message please

  168. I have Mandela R5 coin I want to know how much I can get

  169. I have the 2008 mandela coin dnt knw weather I can get money 4rm it

  170. Just want to knw were to grade those coin and how much because m also having r5 Mandela one?and pls leave the nrs

  171. kagiso simon molobela

    Hi, i have mandela 90 birthday 5 rand coin, i need to know how can i cash it.1921 to 2011.

  172. I have a 1994 presidential inauguration R5 but without the head of former president Nelson Mandala,is it worth anything

  173. i have 2 (0th birthday D.r Mandela coin without scratches and would like to sell them to anyone interested in collecting them for the market .

  174. I have 1 proof 69 1994 inauguration R5, 1 ms66 2008 R5 birthday, 1 ms67 2008 R5 birthday and 2 au55 2000 R5 mandela coins. Make me a reasonable offer

  175. Why this money worth so much,as a soutth african citizen if I got one of those where could I sell it?

  176. I have a 5rand wth mandela’s face someone wth a good they can take it call me on 0782200151

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  179. Looking for Sealed bags of 400 x Nelson Mandela 2008 birthday coins. Or larger stocks of MS66 coins – only interested in 300 x MS66 and up. Inox me on jp@mytrade.co.za

  180. I have 2 coins

  181. Does the Mandela R5 coins that were circulated have prospectes of having values attached to them? Do I need to grade them for them to have more value than the face value? How much is the grading fee? What is the difference between the circulated coins and the once that are sold for investment?

    • moeletsi.lekhula7@gmail.com

      The question remain unanswered due to legalties and process involved. Anyone with the amswer will help us know wat our coins value . Please help.
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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  184. Nokuthula gloria

    I want to sell my 5 rand coin of Nelson Mandela, i have 10 coin

  185. 90 years 5rand coin 2008 suid-afrika…i have 10coins an its never been use

  186. hi any 1 who can tel me ware can i sell my 10 nelson mandela R5 south africa coin or must i keep it wen TATA (dia)i just wan 50 000rand 4 all

  187. Hello! My name is martin i have 1 nelson mandela 90th birthday R5 and 1921-2011 so i dont know where to trade,help

  188. I have three R5 nelson mandela 90th birthday coins,where can i change them?

  189. hi its abrie,i have some 90th birthday coin for madiba,but I don’t want to sell.

  190. i have two Mandelas R5,00 its how much if i selling

  191. I got the coin and selling it

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  198. Hi my name is Peter i have 2 Mandela coins any one interested please contact me on 011 910 3193 or 0844525014

  199. I saw an ad from sacoin in the sunday times 20/10/2013 that Mandela 90th birthday R5 coins could be worth up to R275 000. How accurate is this?

  200. I have a 90th birthday r5 coin as well. It is a unique one and none mentioned above. How do I get a value for it. Thanks

  201. i have a 90th birthday mandela coin…where can i exchange it?

  202. 5 rands of mandela worth millions

  203. i have a 2008 R5 coin of nelson mandela 90yrs birthday where can i sell it im around gauteng.

  204. i have a 2008 R5 coin of nelson mandela 90th birthday where can i sell it im around gauteng.

  205. i have this 5rand coin,where can i sell it

  206. Hie. I have two Nelson Mandela coin for 2008 i like to know that how can i sell them and how much is it worth

  207. I hv R5 coin for Mandela. Whr cn i sell nd hw much does it worth it? 0760214461 my cont frm Randburg

  208. hi I am selling to Madiba’s coins I start from 5000 up wants

  209. I m selling 5r coins i hv many

  210. How do I get the 90 years 2008 r5 bimetalic coin graded?

    And sold?

  211. i have six 5rand of 90th birthday of mandela coin of 2008 and i want to sell them.contact me @0738329103 .

  212. Hi, in fact the First day when the former Govner Mr Tito Mboweni, introduced this normal 5 rands coin, i started to collect them well i see that the are graded one’s of wish i can’t affort, so please if the is a need for this ungraded One please send a correpondence so that i can sell mine,i a’m in position of 30 units of bi-metalic 5 rands
    Kindly regards

  213. Hi, I have a PF67 R5 mandela coin I want to know the value of it.


  215. I have a r5 mandela coin with al of da initials eg mandelas face,rino ect. All on one coin

  216. i sell two five rands mandela 90th birthday for two million because i dont have money for my studies

  217. I have a 2008 mandela R5,selling it for 50 000,00

  218. I have 2 90th birthday R5 nelson mandela coin how much can i get an 90th aniversery coin(1921-2011) 2011

  219. Have 200 5 Rand 2008 for sale at R12 (twelve) each plus post. Accepting cash payments or PayPal only. For those interested, please send email address below. Lesser quantity than 200 can be sold but at higher price than R12 and only in quantities of 50 or more. Coins were acquired in early 2009 from commercial banking outlet.

  220. Hi, i might be interested, your cell. No? Ernie

  221. Hey
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  228. i have an uncirculated 5 rand mandela 90th birthday 2008 ungraded coin still in its see through box. whom do i contact for grading?

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  233. mandella coins R5 90 ht 2008

  234. I have coins to sell. All Mandela R5 coins with heads. Pls make me ɑ great offer.

  235. Hi just to cornfirm if I got a nomal 5 rand coin with a head of mandela how much and where can I go and sell it I will appreciate your email.

  236. how can i sell my 90th mandela 5rand coin,and how much i will get?

  237. Hi i hv a 9oth birthday mandela r5 coin,inauguration 1994 and inauguration 2000. How much each of these coin cost and were can i sell them

  238. Hi good day I have 2Mandela R5 coIns I want to sell it where can I selL it

  239. hi there,i have one mandela 90th birthday coin i got it from my change,can i sell that R5? for how much?where?when?give me the right buyer.thanx

  240. Where can I change my 90 year birthday Mandela coins. I don’t want to invest I want

  241. i would like to sell 2008 mandela birthday cons to get university fees for my son desparate anyy one with reasonable offer

  242. i have 7 Mandela 90th R5 coins and 6 Inauguration R5 coins, how much am i going to get?

  243. I have 7 90th R5 coins, 6 Inauguration R5 coins. How much can i get?


  245. Ok I have a Nelson Mandela coin, it is in very good condition. Still looks brands new, but it was in circulation. How do I go about getting my coin graded? Is it still worth only the face value? What do u suggest?

  246. dear i have one of 2008 i want to know howmuch it weath?


  248. I want to sell my Mandela R5

    • Pontsho Motshekga

      Good Day, I have notice from your general respond for the question whether Is it legal to sell this coin? that there is no law that exists in South Africa that permits citizens to sell coins or currency for more than their face value. This is a clarity sicking question- Is there any law that prohibit us from selling this coins, please attach or refer to a specific law, act or prescript.


  249. I have 2008 S.Africa 5R Mandela 90th BIRTHDAY MS66 Coin.it is graded how & where can I cash in??

  250. I have 1921-2011 mandela’s 90th birthday I just want a seller. Price negotiatable

  251. Hi. Iam malefu,I have 1921-2011 mandela’s 90th birthday I just want a seller. Price negotiatable

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  253. Im selling five rands coins of 90th birthday of Mandela.

  254. I have the 2008 aniversary dual metal coin R5 & A rare year 2000 R5 Mandela coin. Both have been in circulation, are these worth selling? What is the approximate value? email me if you know ronaldchinake@gmail.com

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  258. Hello I have a 5 rand coin with mandela face on it. 2008 90th

  259. I have all nelson mandelas coin how mach per one

  260. I wanna know where can I exchange my coins?

  261. I want to sell realy mandela coin 5

  262. How march did Mandela coin worth?

  263. Have R5 Mandela coin where can I sell them

  264. i have 1994 Presidential Inauguration R5 coin i want to sell it

  265. I have 1994 Presidential Inauguration R5 coin i want to sell it 0747238087

  266. I want to know if you can clean a coin before sending it to graduate it to get the real value of the coin.

  267. I have 5 90th mandela coints how much can I get 4 it

  268. bethuel ramodisa

    Where can sell my r5 nelson mandela coin 90th birthday and how much can I sell it

  269. I want to sell the south african mandela 5rand coin

  270. I have a 90 year birthday r5 mandela coin and a r2 union building exchange for cash.make me an offer

  271. Hi I have 2 coins that I want 2 sell 1 90th birthday and 1 presidehtial inauguration coin 4 sale contact number 0748115197

  272. i have 44 mandela coins i want to know where do i have to send it for grading i live in kzn

  273. mojalefa khoboko

    i want sell a 5 rand with mandel’s head on

  274. i also have this coin. Since it’s worth alot, i’m saying make me an offer. 0747813501 or email me peacenkosi12@gmail.com

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  276. Thank you for the info but I would like to know where can I cash in ,graded coins

  277. Shaakierah Van Zyl

    Hi there I have a R5 coin (2008) can you tell me how much is mine worth and whre I can go too sell the coin.

  278. I need advise on where to sell my R5 coin for 100000 or 2,5 million but i have no specific answer on this stupid website…

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  283. I think no matter how many 90th b/day R5 sa coins were minted,the value of the R5 should always climb higher and never drop..nelson mandela was a very great man… By keeping this R5 coin at a very high value will show how great nelson mandela was since it has his face on it…..never drop the price of a R5 coin, its as great as nelson mandela so I think if you want it,you pay the price. We all loved nelson mandela( R.I.P) great man !

    • I can agree ! 7billion people think so too. This coin is the most famous coin ever minted. The people that make this coin out to be only a R5 is too late, millions and millions was spent buying and selling these coins in the past 5 years. It remains a sentimental coin. How much will you pay for something that is sentimental to you. R0 for me can be worth R10000 for you !!

  284. Ndumiso Dlamini

    I have year 2000,2008 and 2011 Mandela 5 rands i need buyers to make an offer or where i can sell it.

  285. My collected coins are increasing in amount ,where to cash for them/sell them for profit.

  286. I have fity 2008 R5 and one of 1994 want to sell them

  287. I have fity 2008 R2 and one of 1994 I wan to sell them

  288. I have fity 2008 R5 and one of 1994 I wan to sell them

  289. I have 5 mandela 5 rand coins,I need 2 sell them but…I don’t know how 2 go about with it..plz can u help me

  290. I have five rand that shows mandela,s face and i dnt know what the place must i submit.

  291. Can u call me if u have info about r5 rand that shows mandela’s face .i only have one 0769209931

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  295. Hi there TRSC
    I have a 90th Madiba Bathday Madiba coin,where can I sell it for a good price an how much at might worth because it’s it’s an MS70 state it’s still pure.please help me.

  296. xolani mlombo

    hi i have collectio of mandela coin so i want to sell them. Please help me how to sell

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    i have 5rand mandela.year 2008.where can i sell it

  300. I hve (13) 90 birthday and (5) smilling president and (8) inaugrition how much can I get!

  301. Hi i have a 5rand coin with the big 5 how much will i get for it

  302. I have 5 Nelson Mandela coins want to cell it

  303. Where i can change 90th coin for mandela

  304. I have two 5rand 90th mandela’s birthday and two presidential inauguration how much are they worth?

  305. I have 90th birthday Nelson Mandela five rand which I wish to sell

  306. Hey,I have the Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday coin.How can I sell it

  307. mushasha rudzani brian

    Hello I have coin of presidential inauguration is 5 rand of 1994

  308. i have mandela coin but i don’t know where to sell it

  309. I have 5coins south Africa Rand but i want to sell

  310. Im selling my 2008 coin 5Rand

  311. hi im daniel 4rm pta m having one of mandelas 5r 90 b day 2008 is that true that the is place wher they buy them??? my no. 0763066263 whatsaap me and shere with me how it works… thank you…

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  315. Good day I have 5rand of 1994,2008@2011 how to go about the pros’

  316. Hi I’m selling a Madiba Five Rand coin

  317. I want to sell my 2008 s.africa 5R mandela 90th birthday ms67 barcode 3548934-009

  318. I have Nelson Mandela’s 90 years barthday R5 and I could like to sell it

  319. I hv followed all the comments but still there is no answer to a simple question of where can we sell Nelson Mandela R5 coin. i feel that is waste of time to comment on this side. collector, I have 8 R5 coins and i want to know where can i sell them in south africa not us. if there is no place please tell us.

  320. Makhanda Manduleli

    I just want to receive post about Mandela’s R5 and ather coins

  321. Hi there! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble
    with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing several weeks of hard work due to
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  325. Hi I have lots off Mandela coin if anyone interested 4 buy plz reply or phone me on 0785433036

    • I really don’t understand the existence of this website, people ask different questions and what they get is a standard respond which is not informative and helpful.

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  329. Lindokuhle shongwe

    I am selling one of 2008 r5 where Mandela was 90 years old. I sell it for R1500

  330. Lindokuhle shongwe

    I am selling one R5 of 2008. 90 year of mandela birth day. Cost of R1500

  331. maletu lekoloane

    I have 2008 Mandela R5 faced coin for his 90th birthday. I sell it R50 000 non negotiable. I have nothing to loose anyway rather be ripped by a buyer. I’ll keep it until I die if there’s no offer.

  332. I have that 90th birthday 5rand coin of mandela but i dont know where can i seller this 5rand..

  333. i’m ntswaki i have one coin of 90th birthday Mandela where can i sell it for how much?


  335. i have 6 R5 BIRTHDAY OF MANDELA so will it cost by each if they buying it………..plz respond

  336. y coin collectors didn’t buy r5 coin which written 1921-2011

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  340. Hi i have 4 90s birthday Nelson Mandela coin.How much can i get

  341. Hi i have 4 90th birthday Nelson Mandela coin.How much can i get

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  345. Hi mandela is the 1 who bring joy in s.a even africa the world around he diserve great every money of him must value like him

  346. I have that sa coin whith Madiba face where can i salling how macg ehy

  347. I have 4 Nelson Mandela coins how much can i get


  349. Otshepeng Matlhare

    How long does it take to get the cash when u sold your R5 that is worth much

  350. Otshepeng Matlhare

    How long does it take to get cash when you sold ur R5 that is worth much?

  351. I need to sell mandela coins

  352. I have collected more of these coins and i am selling them.(0727181776)

  353. i sell my R5 of Nelson Mandela that have his picture 2008

  354. I want to sell Mandela R5 coins

  355. Hi I have got Mandela birthday coins, I would like to know how much they worth?


  357. Hi,m winnie .i have Nelson Mandelas 90th birthday R5 coin where can i sell it?

  358. I have nelson mandelas 90th birthday 5 rand coin Where can i sell it?

  359. Hi I’ve got 3 Nelson Mandela R5 coins of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday… 2 of 2008 and 1 of 1921-2011 …I would like to know where in Cape Town I can exchange it I need a location of a place I can go to ???

  360. I have 1 how can I get

  361. Tebelelo a.k.a lil cooper

    im selling the Mandela R5 for R100 000. with that money i’ll be able to provide for my family please buy my coin

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  365. wher can i sell my R5 mandela 2008 90th birthday coin its not the rare 1 and how much wil i get for it

  366. Hi ..one of my friend do have 5rand mandela coin for 2008 so i like to know how much it pay

  367. nkosinathi mthembu

    How can I make money wth this R5

  368. I hv mandela coin where can i sell it

  369. I hv mandela coin where can i sell it,i sell it R100 000 my contact 0840284733

  370. Is it illegal to sell Nelson Mandela coins

  371. I want to sell a 2000, 2008,1994 ,1999,1990,1974 and 90th birthday Mandela coins.

  372. hi I want to sell my coins to you

  373. Hi I’m at nelspruit mpumalanga I have da 5 rand coins don’t know where to sell it.des a guy offer me 600 per coin. I have 3 my friend got 10.

  374. Boineelo Mogatwe

    Hi um in Gaborone Botswana i have R5 for Madiba 90th birthday 2008 and 90th birthday 2011.help me out to sell it

  375. kagisho macdonald

    im having 90th birthday 5r where can i sell it.

  376. I have 5rand 90th Mandela birthday 2008 I am selling anyone who interesting can contact me at my email address abdikakadir@live.com thank you….

  377. I want to sell mandela coin R5, 90th 2008

  378. how much value of 2013 2rand 100year anniversary of the union buildings???

  379. Gabriel papa kgosane

    I have Nelson Mandela r5 coin 2008 90 birthday,where can sell it?

  380. I have a plenty coins of mandela where they making 90years

  381. I have 90th birthday Mandela face 5rand coin anyone interested contact me by email abdikakadir@live.com thank you

  382. I have nelson mandela 5rand coin year 2000 and i want to sell

  383. I have a 90th R5 that has the image of Mr Nelson Mandela and I want to know where can I exchange it for the certain cash?I’m placed in germiston

  384. Pliz help me find where l can sell my only R5 Mandela 90years coin l beg you

  385. i have a 2008 mandela coin 90th birthday,where can i sell it

  386. I have one nelson mandela’s 90th birthday R5 coin,so I would like to know more about it…

  387. hi I hav some Neslon Mandela 5r birthday coins want to know where I can sell it western Cape cape town Many thanks

  388. wandile makhaye

    I do have Mandela 5rand bt I dont know where I must change it.please notify me at where I can change the money 0717595512

  389. i have one mandela coin 5rand,1T.W degongh notes 2rand,and 1Gerhard de kork 5rand notes,where can i sell them?and what is the value?

  390. slindile precious Thusibi

    I want to know ,if i have mandela coins 2008 and 2000,how can i exchange ? And how much each?

  391. I have 2 Mandela coins 90 year Birthday looking up to sell them,how much can I get?

  392. i am selling a rare 90birthday mandelaR5 coin at the price of R 50 000 if you are interested e mail.me or call +27 61 2089 454. we can negotiate th
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  393. im looking for 1994 Mandela R5 coin any 1 onayo?

  394. I have Nelson Mandela’s coin so I don’t know where it’s been selled

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  396. I have 5 rand of 90birthday coin of Nelson Mandela how much i can get if I sell it

  397. mphuthi thabiso inspector

    plz i need help where can i sold mandela 5 anniversary birthday i have 6 of it and how much for one thnx

  398. I have 2( 90th Birthday) so how much can I get? Contact Ntokozo 0730382011 thanks.

  399. Phumlani Dlamini

    I have two of Mandela 90th years birthday.i want to sell it

  400. Any on with a quite huge information!!!! Please ppl u nid to help!!!!!!this is getting serious, where can I sell r5 Mandela coin?

  401. I have this coin how can i sell it mandela5rand 90th birthday 2008

  402. Phiri Moatlhodi Johannes

    I want to sell Mandela 90th birthday R5 coin,still in its plastic cover & not tampered

  403. I have this Madiba coins but I don’t know where to sell it

  404. Noluthando Tshaka

    I am selling 2008 5 rand at 20000.00 only i 5 coins if you interested to buy email me agent .am in east cape

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  409. I have all caint of R5 mandela coin i don’t known how to sell it

  410. Mluleki Luthuli

    i have 2 R5 rands whith Mande face and i wnt to sell haw mach can i gat whith those five rands of m

  411. I have 30 r5 1994 and 15 90th birthday

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  413. Am richard I have 2 mandelas coin of 2008 and 1 of 2000

  414. I want to sell mine what must I do?

  415. Hi i wanna know please guys where to sell R5 mandela coins

  416. I have 1 R5 of presidential inauguration for the year of 1994 is that one needed for exchange, i need help…..

  417. I got fourteen Mandela 90th coins how much will I get

  418. I have nelson mandela coin,r5 2008 90yrs bth dai,wher can i sell its?

  419. Where can i sell my mandela coins and they cost how much

  420. Hi
    I have Queen Elizabeth 2 of 50 cents ( world war 19393-1945 remembrance ) coin and 90 years 5 Rand of Mandela, I would like to know how much it’s worth..!?

  421. Hey just like to know where can I grade my coins and how much does it cost to grade one

  422. how can I sell R5 of mandela and whst is its value

  423. I have Mandela rare R5 coin for the 90th birthday and I want to sell and how much can I get.

  424. I m Zanele I have those Mandela coins for 90th birthday how much each 5,00 for those 5,00 I want to study teaching then I will use the cash for registration thank you.

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  426. Ihv six R5 mandela coins 2008 iwant to sell them

  427. i hve a 2008 mandela 5r coin.hw do i knw the value wht should i look for on the coin..and i hve another coin with the name “coinage of griqua town 1815-2015” griqua iiiii

  428. I have R5 mandela year 2008 but I want sell how much I can sell

  429. I have mandela R5 year 2008 I want sell so if you wanted this my phone number 0780888665

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  432. I Have 50 Of This 5 Rands And I wanted Someone To Buy Them As 5 of Them are Graded MS67

  433. Please help
    i have R5 mandela’s birth day 90 years of 2008
    how much it worh?
    where can i sell it?

    i will appreciate

  434. I am selling R5 coin mandela

  435. i would llike to sell my 2Mandela coins worth R80 000 each from Gold for Life SA. So please i need a buyer as fast as I can Get

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  437. I have 2008 Mandela coin 5 rand but im here in Malawi how can I sell it.

  438. Why does anyone not tell us where to sell these coins for R100 000, I have never ever came across anyone with a testimony of actually getting this R100 000. Are the coins really worth the amount or the wealth behind the is just a myth, I have 15 2008 un used coins and no one has given me direction, some say people buy the in Lesotho, the Uk and Botswana,if anyone gets further information please help us too, my number is 060 559 8084

  439. i would also like to know hw much the 2008 90years 5rand coin is worth please

  440. I’m not coin dealer,but i have 2008 R5 90th birthday Mandela coin,if you need to buy. My contact 078 286 1281/062 338 5865

  441. i have three Mandela coins

  442. I have this five rand coin with Mandela’s head but i don’t know how to sell it.

  443. is it true that i can sell 5rand Mandela for 2008? i got one

  444. I have got 1994-2000-2008-2011 anyone if interest contact 0633940594

  445. Thandeka Zungula

    Hi I’m Tandy from E.C I HV r5 Mandela coin for 2008 n they r 100…I nid help where I can sell it

  446. Maria Kesetselemang

    Hi I m maria motshabi I have 2 R5 1921 and 5 R5 1994 and more R2 union building and more R2 freedom more 50cent i want to sell now


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  450. I hve 90years R5 coin right nw, how much can i sell it

  451. Where can I sell 5 rand coin griqua 1815-2015 south african coin

  452. hi where can i salle R5 mandela coins .i have 20 of mandela coins

  453. hi i have lot of mandela R5 any one intrested resonable price contct me 0840347123

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  456. Hi am Siphumuzo Mkhwanazi I have the 90 birthday Mandela coins and needs to sell it.

  457. Dear mam /sir

    i have Mandela coins and i want to sell then

  458. Bongani msimango

    I have some coins of Mandela 5rands coins .but I don’t know where I’m going to sell it’s I just need a information for that

  459. I ve got 4 2007 n 18 2008 i sell them any 1 plz who want them for only R100,000 each

  460. Hi ive got this R5 coin with mandela’s face on it right and its got this small writing on the side SARB and its 90years coin

  461. i have 2008 mandela’s 90th birthday coin where can I sell?

  462. hi is clarah i have 90yrs mandela coin my number is 07983

  463. Im having 2 mandelas coin now how much im gonna payed?

  464. i have 5 Nelson Mandela 90th birthday 5 Rand coin…how much if they 5 ?

  465. i have this coin so how can i sell it please

  466. I have 500 of the 2008 Mandela coins and I don’t know where to sell them, I’m from Nelspruit mpumalanga

  467. Thabiso ntupe

    I have 1 coin that have Mandela head just don’t know were to sell it..me stay at northern cape.

  468. I want to sell my R5 Mandela 90th year by R5000 .any buyers I’m in hoburg. Call 0728529904

  469. celukuthula Dube

    I have one mandela 2008 coin ,where can I sell it .and how much would I get from selling it

  470. I have 32 coins of Mandela 90th for 2008 .where can I sell it.please I need help

  471. Slindile Ngcobo

    I have 1Mandela 90th birth coin,how much can i get?

  472. I have many Nelson Mandela R5 I wold like to change it.

    Where can I change it, at the bank or there is a place for changes?

  473. I have 7 2008 Mandela NGC MS66 coins. How can I sell them?

  474. Please help I’ve a lot 2008 coin plz help 0737861298

  475. I am selling the 2008 9th birthday of Mandela R5 for R8000

  476. Hi,I have a two coin of 1994 inauguration mandela where should I sell them and how much could they pay it?

  477. My name is Calvin. I have x7 Nelson Mandela 2008 R5 coins. They are NGC graded MS66. Where can I sell them?

  478. any one who wants to buy 90th birthday R5 cions must contact me in this number 0717210151 or email me at khazimanqoba@gmail.com

  479. any one who wants to buy 90th Mandela birthday cions plz contact me @ 0717210151


  481. I have got 7 Nelsen Mandela’s coins…. I don’t know where to sell them to….can u please help. I live in Maseru Lesotho

  482. zolile mngangwa

    If I have this 5rand what can I do

  483. Hi i have 1,madiba gold coin 1921-2011.any offer im selling it. My number 0818070723

  484. Hi i have 1,madiba gold coin 1921-2011.any offer im selling it. My number 0818070723

  485. I also have that 5 rands of nelson mandela and I don’t know where to sell it

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  487. I have that 5 but I stay at eastercape port ellizaberth in south Africa I have 6

  488. please. some one give me guidelines to submit my R5 Nelson mandela to NGC

  489. I have all the Mandela coins and the old ones included ive been collecting ever since. Email me for more info at si.makinta@gmail.com

  490. I have a 2008 R5 coin, where can I sell it, and how much will I get?

  491. I want to sell mandela coins.Adress and place pleas.

  492. I have a 90th Mandela R5 can is be graded what is the procedure? I’m from Lesotho

  493. I have 2 2015 coinage of griqua town R5 celebrating 200th anniversary of South African history, give me an offer

  494. Have a90th b.day Mandela coin and a Griqua Town R5 coin,how much we talking about?

  495. I need to change my coin and I also want to know the worth of Mandela 2008 coin

    to get connected with me phone 0769962787

  496. Were cn I get my Mandela coins graded . Im frm Durban

  497. I have Mandela R5. how much it is in the market when I sell it

  498. i have 2008 Mandela coin how much do you pay for them?

  499. Ive got a R5 coin of madibas 90th birthday in 2008 and want to know how much is it worth for one coin

  500. 2008 an 2000 Mandela coins what must I do

  501. Hi I have a Ms 67 R5 Mandela 90th birthday coin. Any offers

  502. i have R5 Mandela coin bt i dnt know where can i sell it

  503. Hy am Nokuthula Matu here at Mthatha how do I sell the Mandela coin smiley headed face of 2008.Am here Eastern Cape Mthatha I have 15 of them

  504. Sylvia mkatshwa

    I’m in Mpumalanga at Nelspruit,where can I sell my Mandela r5,please help me I really need this

  505. Help I have 3 Mandela coin plz help ineed money


    How much is four 2008 Nelson Mandela bi-metallic 5 Rands


    How much is four 2008 Nelson Mandela bi-metallic 5 Rands and where can I sell around Krugersdorp

  508. Hellow good ppl, my name is thembekile, I have 4 2001 to 2011 anniversary Mandela 5rands ,, and 3 90 birthday Mandela 5 rand ,, where can I sell them and is how much I will get. Thank yuou

  509. I am selling used R5.I have twenty R5 for 2008,ten R5 for 1994,seven R5 for 2011,three R5 for 2015

  510. I am selling ten Mandela inauguration R5 for 1994, three Giquatown R5 for 2015, twenty 90th birthday Mandela R5 for 2008, seven south African R5 2011 90th anniversary

  511. I have R5 I want to change it

  512. I have 2 R5 90years the 2008 where can I change it

  513. Hi. How can I send my 2008 Mandela r5 coins to be graded and how much does it cost?

  514. I have Mandela coins and I want to sell them but I don’t want to join bidorbuy. Can I succeed?

  515. I have 2 R5 coins(1994)with the union building on where can I sell

  516. where can i sell Nelson Mandela R5 coin. and for how much is?

  517. Hi I have a non graded R5 90th Mandela coin 2008 I want too sel it how much can I sell it for my name os danny 0836830554

  518. Does Mandela R5 90th birthday coin on sale,if so hw much cause I have some

  519. i’ve got 2 coins of tataMadiba 2008 90th brthday selling them with 80000 both

  520. hi I have two 2008 90th Nelson Mandela R5 coin anyone one interest to buy can email me at alice.mahaula@outlook.com price is negotiatable

  521. i have 5rand 2008 ,90birthday where must i go

  522. I’m looking forward to do business with you

  523. Hi there I’m also one who have 2008 90th Nelson Mandela coin..so if there is anyone who’s interested to buy you may email me at stmakhaza@gmail.com

  524. Selling my Mandela coins

  525. Hi have coins also please contact me @ 0818145524

  526. King im selling I have 8 coins

  527. I have mandela 90 birthday 2008 coins so Wat mast I do? ??

  528. How can I sell Mandela r5 2008

  529. I have mandela R5 coins my email is mikemtshengu.t@gmail.com and contact: 0789696158

  530. I have 90th Mandela Gold Coin for sale… Pls contact me if you want to buy on 0734586167..

  531. hi.my.name is faldela i.have a mandela coin i stay in.cape town i would like to exchange the coin for money please reply

  532. I have 5 Rand gold of head of Nelson Mandela but I dont know the place that I can sell it I ask the people who can help me

  533. Where can i have my coins graded

  534. Hy I have one of the president state coin R 5 of 1994, and I want to sell it. Please advise me where can i go to in Gauteng. I will appreciate your assist on this.

  535. I have got 3 by 90 years Mandela coins and 1 inauguration 5 rand what’s your offer

  536. I have this 2008 mandela r5 I want to sell it my number is 0796406728

  537. Even today those 2008 R5 with Nelson Mandela still needed?

  538. Hi everyone I have the Mandela’s 90th birthday coins originall selling on negotiated price for more information contact me on (0729260849) or email me have a good day .

  539. I have mandela coins, so want to know where can I change them

  540. I have got R5 Mandela money I won’t sell 2008

  541. Where can I sell Mandela R5 coin in Cape town? and how much can i get?

  542. I have 5rand with Nelson Mandela’s head 90th 2008

  543. I have 5rand of 90years I’m in King William’s town in Eastern Cape where can I sell it.

  544. I have 5rand of 90years I’m in King William’s town in Eastern Cape where can I sell it.my is 0608817685 and how much can iget

  545. I’ve Mandela coins and I don’t know where I can sell them someone with knowledge who have sold em please contact me or is willing to buy

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  552. I’m selling coins 2008,2011 and 2000

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  555. Thandabani ngwazi

    Where we suppose to change that mandelas coin???

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  559. Andries Pieterse

    Ek het Nelson Mandela se R5 90jr b /day
    2008 wat is die waarde nou

  560. I have r5 mandela coins

  561. i have20 Mandela R5 coins how much it will cost and where can I sell it to.


    i have 2008 Mandela R5 coin and want to sell it

  563. I do hv mandela coins whatsapp me any tym 0710652724 plz bt I dnt knw where 2 sell them

  564. Hi, I have a 90th birthday Mandela R5.00 coin I want to sell.

  565. i have 3 of them so where can i sell them

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  567. I got 90th bithday coins and. Union building.

  568. How and where to sell 2008 Mandela birthday coins please contact me via mfana75@webmail.co.za for more information. thanks in advance!

  569. I have some r5 Mandela coin so how I sell that coin and wya I sell and wish shop i m stay limpopo

  570. Hi I’m Lazarus, I have three different Mandela R5 coins. Who can buy them.

  571. if i have those coins where should i take them to

  572. I want to sell mandela coins

  573. Sanelisiwe khumalo

    I have a 2008 mandela coin I want to sell it ….I’m in Newcastle please help

  574. i have plenty mandela coin i would like to exchange it

  575. I do have this R5 2008 Nelson Mandela 90th birth day .Then I really want to sell it and get money so I need help which bank can I go. I am at Mpumalanga witbank.

  576. How much can I get if i sell 2008 R5 with Mandela

  577. Thanks for the help I got here and this is a good idea to help people know the compony and the place

  578. hi I have Mandela R5 2008 so what do I do

  579. where can i sale R5 for 2008 for Madiba

  580. Hi I have 2008 R5 of Mandela face how much I’ll get if I exchange@Port Elizabeth?

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  588. I have a coin but I don’t know where to sell it.

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  590. Hi everyone thank you for this info now I got 2008 Mandele R5 please assist am in Eastern Cape,East London
    your are appreciated

    Mandisa Nyoni

  591. Hi am mandisa I got 4 R5 Mandela coins 2008 help me what can I do

  592. phathizizwe maphumulo

    I do haveR5 Mandela coin but I don’t know how and where to sell it.

  593. I have that 5r for the year 2008 and two 5r for Presidential Inauguration for the year 1994 so how much do I get for my 5rands

  594. Honest Russells

    i want to sell my R5 coins with madela’s face dotted gold so how can I meet you

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    Can u pls help me where to sell them
    My cell no is 0763986346

  597. Sixolile masala

    Hi there i just wanted to know if here in port elizabeth . Is there any place where i can cash in the nelson mandela 2008 5 rand coin..

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  603. Hlw if i ask about this 2008 90th year birthday mandela coin seems like nobody get interestsd,is it ok if somebdy is selling it?

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  605. i have madiba R5 im selling it its negotiable

  606. Nkwanyana Lihle

    i have a 2008 Mandela coin. how much is it worth? how can i sell it?

  607. I have a Mandela 90th birthday coin and looking to sell it.. I would like to know what its value might be

  608. Luphecia sebigi

    Hi my name its luphecia i want to sell my mandela coin where should i go nd what must i do plz help

  609. I have now this 2008 coin with a proof of 90th birthday so where can I sell it in Cape Town?

  610. Hi guys my is Abdull so I have 5rand coins mandela so need buyer plz if u can help me 2000modal I have 19 of them 2008modal 87 0fthem l also have 1994modal but not head of mandela

  611. Where are the stores to buy if you are in Northwest South Africa

  612. I have thisR5 of Mandela how much can I get

  613. I have 2 R5 Mandela head for 2008 I want to sell them…so I need some 1 who will buy this

  614. I have 1mandela gold coin how much can i get for it

  615. I have this kind of coin’s plenty of them but I’m just wondering where can I sell them here in East London eastern Cape.

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  625. where can I sell my mandela R5 coins?

  626. I have 10 of Mandela R5 from 1994-2011so, I want to know where I can sell them

  627. I have 5 Mandela R10 from 2005-2013 so,I want to know where can I sell them?

  628. Sorry I mean I have 5 Mandela R5 from 2005-2013 so,I want to know where can I sell them

  629. If I want to sell 2008 mandela coin and presidential coin where I can sell it am in jhb.

  630. Medupe Kerneels Dibe

    I have Nelson Mandela coin where do i exchange it please reply via email

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  633. I have a 90th birth day R5 of former President Mandela so I want to know if they still wanted. If they are they can call me on my number -060 888 3663

  634. thanx guyz for advising us,,,but i still hve one question…which year is the speseficed year of selling these coins.? 2019 or 2018 or2017 which year guyz coz iyandishisa lemali

  635. hi guys I have few Difarent Mandela coins with me n I want to sell them so here is my cell to who ever want to buy 0744795198

  636. hi guyz i just wanna know when wil they take the coins i mean which year…is it this year or when.if someone knw plz do tel me cuz i also hve a few of it u can contact me at this nmbers;0603395129 plz guyz anyone who buys this coins or knows these things and what and or til when should we keep it 0603395129

  637. Sbusiso Nxumalo

    I have R5 rand 2008.

  638. Were excetly can I cash in my mandela coin

  639. joseph sithagu

    I have mandela R5 coin and presidential inauguration R5 coin 1994 wher can i cell it

  640. I’ve got 2008 R5 Mandela 90th birthday so how or where can I sell it

  641. I have a 2008 Mandela’s R5 coin, how can i get it tested and where is that place couse im in Rustenburg

  642. I need update in every articles such as news business and politics

  643. I’m haveing 5 dola coin Mandela 2008 how do I sell it cose I’m in nambai also ather SA coins

  644. Tsepo Edward Mokhosi

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